The Oscars of the Education World: Canada’s Outstanding Principals


Emidio Piccioni, 2014 COP Winner, accepts his award from James Politeski of Samsung Canada.

It’s awards season. The Golden Globes, The Grammys, The Oscars- all designed to applaud the work of the brightest stars of the year. The eloquent Clooney, the intense Streep, the effervescent Witherspoon. A celebratory moment of a life’s passion and recognition from peers and public.

It’s awards season in Canada too. The Canada’s Outstanding Principals Awards Gala from The Learning Partnership has taken center stage every February in Toronto for the past 11 years. The stars are the principals from across Canada who have been nominated and recognized for their exemplary work by their peers and school communities.


The 2014 Canada’s Outstanding Principals.

The energy in the room of the event is palatable and camaraderie enviable. No one can prepare you for that moment when the award winners walk in to a standing ovation. You bite your lip and try not to let the tears show when they read your nomination and you humbly walk to the stage to receive your award. You hear the cheers of your friends and colleagues- and your students- when you turn to say “thank you.”

pic for henley- murraySusan E. Murray is a Senior Education Officer for the Newfoundland and Labrador English School District. She is a Canada’s Outstanding Principal Alumni, having won the award in 2005.


5 responses to “The Oscars of the Education World: Canada’s Outstanding Principals

  1. Congratulations from the Welcome to Kindergarten folks!! We know how essential principal school leadership is to program excellence, family engagement and student success. Kudos to all this year’s COP recipients!!!

  2. One of our finest winners. Susan is the biggest supporter of the COP program evidenced by her 100% attendance at the Academy, the COP alumni program.

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  4. Susan – thanks for sharing your wonderful perspectives. We are delighted to create this unique opportunity for leaders each year. Hopefully – in addition to being a powerful evening of celebrations – there are great learnings gleaned from the Rotman experience that stand the test of time. Feedback seems to suggest so.

  5. Congratulations to all 2015 winners! Susan, I read your blog and I was right back there in the moment in 2006 receiving my award. Great memories and lasting relationships.
    Paul Rose, NL – COP 2006

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