Learning Story: Robotics, Coding, and Inquiry Learning


Everyday in my classroom I see many benefits for the students when they are engaged in learning. My classroom is an inquiry-based classroom where the students are provided with many different types of technology to support their learning process and to assist them with creating their inventions. As the students collaborate, their interest in learning and persistence to problem solve is evident. The students often create inquires that are much more challenging than anything I would ever assign them. It also allows them to make global connections as they research information using different social media platforms along with traditional methods.This is not a quiet classroom, but the students discussions are very much focused on their projects. The students are able to work at their own interest levels and therefor are passionate about their work which often leads them to taking their work outside of the classroom.

Students cannot wait to come into the Inquiry Studio to work and do not want to leave. When learning a new coding language the smallest of movements from the robot elicits the most dramatic response from the students. This excitement filters through my classroom, back to their classroom and even through the school. As a teacher who supports learning through the combination of inquiry and technology, I am learning with the students. They are teaching me. I facilitate their learning by providing them with different elements to support their learning but I am their partner. I feel that this new student teacher relationship allows me to get to know my students and make deeper personal connections related to learning.

Emily Farkas is a Peel District School Board teacher and facilitator who encourages inquiry based learning, collaboration and the use of technology to support students in becoming life long learners.

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