5 tips to engage with your child’s school principal


Principals are the linchpins of their school. The role has evolved considerably, from predominantly one of school administrator to incorporating increased responsibilities for student achievement. They balance a multitude of tasks – including, building and managing teams, developing curriculums, and evaluating teachers – to shape a vision of academic achievement and success at his or her school.

To recognize National Principals’ Month in Canada, education experts at The Learning Partnership share their tips for parents for communicating and making an impact with their child’s principal.

  • Get involved in school activities. Volunteer if possible. Attend curriculum nights. Participate in parent-teacher interview nights. Knowing the school and staff – not only your teacher, but also your principal and vice-principal – are important ways to support your child and ensure success.
  • Introduce yourself to your principal on Curriculum Night or at another school event. It’s always best to make your first encounter a positive one.
  • Address any issues with the teacher first. If you have any classroom issues, try to address it privately with the teacher instead of going directly to the principal, as it can often be resolved at that level. If it is not resolved after speaking with the teacher, it is wise to ask for a meeting with the teacher and the principal, so that you can try and reach a resolution together.
  • Listen carefully and seek to understand the school’s point of view in finding a solution to a problem. Solutions are best implemented when all parties appreciate each other’s point of view and work together towards a positive outcome that is mutually beneficial to all.
  • Focus on your child’s school experience, and your desire for his or her success.  Avoid commenting on other students, families or situations that are unrelated to your child’s specific experience when talking to teachers, principals or school administrators. Instead, focus on your child’s academic journey.

One response to “5 tips to engage with your child’s school principal

  1. These are helpful tips but they all require that the parent REACH IN when it is far easier for the school to REACH OUT. Educators should be looking for ways to help parents support learning, understand the needs for their families by listening carefully, and partnering with home for student success.

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