One volunteer opens up about her passion for early learning

“Volunteering is a window in the passions of the soul.” – Patrick Dixon


Photo credit: Lotje Hives

And Lotje Hives’s passion for early learning is unquestionable.

She works full-time as Program and Outreach Coordinator with the Near North District School Board in North Bay, Ontario. And, for the past two years, Lotje has volunteered her time and passion to The Learning Partnership’s Welcome to Kindergarten (WTK) Program Advisory Committee.

“I have always been dedicated to learning and am passionate about innovative and creative ways to foster natural curiosity,” she says.

As a member of the WTK Advisory Committee, Lotje lends her experience and passion to support the implementation of the WTK program in the community, and advise school boards, early childhood educators and families with pre-school aged children.

For Lotje, this means recommending strategies and creating opportunities to support early childhood learning. “I see my role as a listener and to bring a voice to children, parents, educators and community partners,” she says.

“Through collaborative conversations across the district, province and country, it causes me to see learning from many perspectives with an ever more refined lens. I choose to look at learning as human growth and development, through a shared lens of education, care and health. I am thrilled that my journey has invited me to explore this through responsibilities, partnerships and opportunities.”

As today marks International Volunteer Day, we would like to take this time to recognize and celebrate the work of Lotje and all of our amazing volunteers at The Learning Partnership, who generously devote their time and passion to advance public education in Canada. Thank you for all of your outstanding work!

2 responses to “One volunteer opens up about her passion for early learning

  1. We are starting to plan our Welcome to Kindergarten session for the spring. We were hoping to provide the families with the Learning Partnership bags filled with materials to help the children prepare for entering Junior Kindergarten. How do we order them for our school?

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