National Volunteer Week 2017: Meet business mentor Faelyne Templer

Faelyne Templer is working with a Grade 4 class from Terry Fox Public School in Ajax, Ontario, on their venture to raise awareness of environmental issues. Photo credit: Faelyne Templer

“If you want to lift yourself up, lift up someone else.” – Booker T. Washington

The adage holds true for Faelyne Templer. A program delivery manager with BMO Financial Group in Toronto, Faelyne volunteers her time supporting budding student entrepreneurs as a business mentor with The Learning Partnership’s Entrepreneurial Adventure program. But she soon found herself learning as much from the students as they do from her.

As this week marks National Volunteer Week in Canada, we’re celebrating the work of volunteers across the country and at The Learning Partnership, like Faelyne, who have generously offered their time and passion to advance public education in Canada and empower our students. We spoke to Faelyne about her role as a business mentor and the impact it has had in her life.

Q. Please tell us a little bit about yourself.

I am a program delivery manager at BMO Financial Group. I have been with BMO for a little over six years. I work with a team of people who support BMO’s internal training across Canada and the U.S. Before working at BMO, I worked at a non-profit training organization and I ran my own business.

Q. What is your role like as an Entrepreneurial Adventure business mentor?

As a business mentor, I mostly ask questions of the class to help them think through their ideas, and provide support around business issues. This is my second year as a business mentor and each year is different. The classes are different and the approach each teacher takes to guide the class is different. I love volunteering with this program because it’s so amazing to see the children grow in their skills and confidence, and to see how proud they are when their business projects are complete and actually starting to generate income for their charity of choice.

Q. What motivated you to get involved?

I initially became involved when someone recommended this program as something I would like to help with. They were right. I love it!

Q. What have you gotten out of it?

I love how excited the children get with their projects and the pride they feel when they complete them. Seeing how their eyes light up when they overcome an obstacle, or their triumph when something they have worked so hard on comes to fruition is inspiring to me. I love telling my colleagues about my Entrepreneurial Adventure experiences and seeing it inspire them as well.

Did you know? Faelyne notes that her family has been in Canada for seven generations–almost as long as Canada has been a country!

Do you volunteer? Let us know in the comments how you make a difference! Happy National Volunteer Week!

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