Meet the young entrepreneurs who launched Enviro-Fair

Grade 4 students from Terry Fox Public School in Ajax, Ontario launched Enviro-Fair, a business venture aimed at raising awareness of environmental issues, as part of The Learning Partnership’s Entrepreneurial Adventure program.

If there is anything to take away from the group of Grade 4 students from Terry Fox Public School who launched an environmentally friendly business venture, it’s that you’re never too young to support the environment.

These young entrepreneurs created Enviro-Fair to raise awareness of environmental issues and to raise funds for Habitat for Humanity. The venture also won the 2017 BMO National Student Innovation Award for Teamwork.

As today marks World Environment Day, we’re highlighting these young entrepreneurs, who shared more about their venture, and its impact within their school and community.

What was the venture?
The class formed four business groups and each group has designed and created products to sell that help the environment, or raise awareness of environmental concerns.

i) Guardians of the garden
Bat, bird and insect houses to protect and nurture bats which have become endangered

ii) Flower it!
Vegetable seedlings to promote local and sustainable food and wild flowers to promote pollinators

iii) Crafterz
Birch bark jewelry and crafts to honour the earth and pay respect to First Nations traditions

iv) Kids versus zombies
Video games designed to teach children about the five animals that are required for human survival on earth

How was the venture executed?
The venture was executed at an Enviro-Fair, held on May 18 in the afternoon and into the evening outside on the school grounds. Each business group had a booth to sell their products. The video game group set up their booth in arcade style with a pay-to-play model for the games. We had ticketed fun fair booths with environment-theme decorated activities, free dirt to attract a wider audience, art and BBQ attractions.

How was awareness created?
The Enviro-Fair was promoted within the school by the students delivering flyers to each class and speaking with each teacher, and in the community by circulating flyers door-to-door. The business groups have also reached out to local community organizations like Girl Guides of Canada, Scouts Canada and the Region of Durham.

Has this venture had an impact on the school or in community?
The Enviro-fair provided a fun opportunity for people in the community to learn more about environmental issues, and see how their community can make a difference. The bat houses and seedlings being sold had an immediate impact on the community by providing safe refuge for bats. The seedlings and seed bags provided nourishment for pollinators, which are integral to farm and food security.

The class engaged the rest of the school in the Enviro-fair, with other classes participating, by running environmentally themed fun fair events and other activities. The Flower It! Business group has partnered with other classes to place their seedlings in classrooms throughout the school, sharing their learning through growing plants for sale at the fair. Through this venture, the entire school had an opportunity to engage with environmental issues.

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